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Volume 17 Supplement 1

The Third Annual London Trauma Conference

Meeting abstracts

Edited by Hans-Morten Lossius, David Lockey, Per Bredmose and Kjetil G Ringdal

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation supported publication of this supplement

The Third Annual London Trauma Conference. Go to conference site.

London, UK12-14 November 2008

Concatenated PDF 17S1

  1. Authors: Thomas C König, Timothy Morris, Christine Gaarder, Marc Maegele, Carel Goslings, Shuba Allard, Mitchell Cohen, Jean Francois Pittet, Pär Johansson, Simon Stanworth and Karim Brohi
    Citation: Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 2009 17(Suppl 1):O1

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