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Table 5 Level of agreement and level of consensus

From: Smartphone-based dispatch of community first responders to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - statements from an international consensus conference

Consensus statements Level of agreement Level of consensus
CFR save lives. Approval High consensus
Fields of application
 CFR should be dispatched to OHCA only. Approval No consensus
 CFR should also be dispatched to children under the age of 8 years. Approval No consensus
 Persons older than 16 years should be dispatched as CFR. Approval No consensus
Qualifications of CFR
 Medical laypersons should also be CFR. Approval No consensus
 It is better to have many unqualified CFR than few but qualified CFR. Uncertain No consensus
 To become CFR one should know how to perform CPR. Approval Trend
 Every CFR should train CPR every 2 years. Approval Trend
 CFR should receive training covering organisational, legal and medical aspects. Approval No consensus
 Training to become CFR could be e-learning without an actual meeting. Rejection No consensus
 CFR should be prepared systematically for acute psychological stress. Approval No consensus
Role of EMS dispatch centres
 Only EMS dispatch centres should be able to dispatch CFR. Approval High consensus
 The software of the EMS dispatch centre should automatically recommend a CFR. Approval Trend
 The EMS dispatch centre should be able to contact a CFR during a mission. Approval Consensus
 CFR should be able to contact the EMS dispatch centre during a mission. Approval Consensus
 The EMS dispatch centre should be notified about the qualification of the CFR. Uncertain No consensus
 CFR-systems should be financed by health insurance funds. Approval Trend
 CFR-systems should be laid down in the social security code. Approval Trend
 CFR-systems should be financed on an interim basis within the federal state law. Approval Trend
Recruitment and Retaining CFR
 We need a nationwide strategy. Approval Consensus
 CFR should be implemented in the EMS. Approval Trend
 Participation in the CFR-system should be actively advertised. Approval Trend
 Potential CFR should be recruited with help of established aid organisations. Approval No consensus
 All CPR by CFR should be made public. Uncertain No consensus
 An exchange of experiences should be organised after a certain time. Approval Trend