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Table 3 Unadjusted and adjusted coefficients of hospital volume for different outcome measures, expressed as odds ratio or beta per 10 patients

From: The volume-outcome relationship among severely injured patients admitted to English major trauma centres: a registry study

OutcomeOR per 10 patients95% CIP-value
In-hospital mortality
 Unadjusted OR1.630.98–2.710.06
 Adjusted* OR1.020.68–1.540.92
 Adjusted* OR excluding referred patients0.710.41–1.220.21
 Beta per 10 patients
Length of stay (days)
 Unadjusted β0.05−0.01-0.110.11
 Adjusted* β0.03− 0.03-0.090.33
 Adjusted* β excluding referred patients0.070.00–0.140.06
Critical care length of stay (days)
 Unadjusted β0.20−0.25-0.650.39
 Adjusted* β−0.02−2.84-2.800.93
 Adjusted* β excluding referred patients0.480.02–0.940.04
Time to operation (hours)
 Unadjusted β−0.25−0.70-0.200.28
 Adjusted* β−0.24−0.70-0.220.31
 Adjusted* β excluding referred patients−0.41−0.97-0.150.15
Time to CT (hours)
 Unadjusted β−0.32−0.61--0.030.03
 Adjusted* β−0.01−0.02-0.0040.16
 Adjusted* β excluding referred patients−0.03− 0.08-0.020.22
  1. *Adjusted for age, gender, age*gender (interaction term), ISS (spline), Revised Trauma Score, Charlson Comorbidity Index, penetrating injury, AIS head injury, referred patients (when not excluded)