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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 12 cases (10 reported cases and our 2 cases)

From: Massive hemothorax due to bleeding from thoracic spinal fractures: a case series and systematic review

Author/ Year Age Sex Injury mechanism Thoracic spinal fracture as the bleeding source
(site/ Fx type)
Other sites of injury Initial hemodynamic status Side of HTX Drained volume of Right HTX (mL) Intervention Hemostatic technique Deterioration during the transfer Spinal fixation Prognosis
Dalvie/ 2000 [8] 28 M Traffic accident T4 / dislocation NR NR Bilateral NR Right thoracotomy spinal fixation Yes Performed Survived
van Raaij/ 2000 [13] 55 F Fall T11 / Chance Compression Fx (T10 & 12), chest, pelvis, limb unstable Right 1500 Right thoracotomy bone wax, synthetic patch NR NR Survived
Lu/ 2010 [10] 72 F Traffic accident T11 / burst + T12 NR unstable Bilateral 1300 Right thoracotomy bone wax, gauze packing NR Performed Survived
Masteller/ 2012 [11] 93 M Fall T10–11 / burst chest, L1–2 Fx NR Right 1000 Only thoracentesis. NR Not performed Dead
Masteller/ 2012 [11] 71 M Transfer in OR T11 / burst none unstable
(CPA later)
Right 3000 Only thoracentesis. NR Not performed Dead
Okamoto/ 2018 [12] 81 M Fall T7 / Chance NR stable
(unstable later)
Right 1330 Right thoracotomy bone wax, coagulant sheet NR Performed Survived
Hirota/ 2019 [9] 74 F Fall T11 / Chance none unstable Right 1200 Right thoracotomy coagulant sheet NR Performed Survived
Kaneko/ 2000 [14] 86 F Unclear T6 / dislocation NR unstable Right 2000 Right thoracotomy argon beam, iliopsoas muscle flap NR Not performed Dead
Matsushita/ 2016 [16] 67 M Hit by a lumber T3 / dislocation chest, T12 Fx (dislocation), limb unstable Bilateral 2090 Right thoracotomy coagulant sheet NR Performed Survived
Haruta/ 2016 [15] 78 F Traffic accident T8 / reverse Chance TBI, chest, liver, pelvis unstable
(CPA later)
Right 1400 Left thoracotomy followed by clamshell thoracotomy gauze packing, coagulant sheet NR Not performed Dead
Our case 81 M Traffic accident T8 / burst TBI, C5 Fx, chest, pelvis, limbs unstable Right 1500 Right thoracotomy gauze packing Yes Not performed Survived
Our case 64 M Fall T7 / burst TBI, chest, L1 Fx stable
(unstable later)
Right 1300 Right thoracotomy gauze packing, bone wax, coagulant sheet Yes Performed Survived
  1. Abbreviations: C cervical spine, CPA cardiopulmonary arrest, F female, Fx fracture, HTX hemothorax, L lumber spine, M male, NR not reported, OR operation room, T thoracic spine, TBI traumatic brain injury