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Table 6 Distribution of CT use, emergency interventions and CT detected injuries in patients admitted with TTA

From: Clinical guided computer tomography decisions are advocated in potentially severely injured trauma patients: a one-year audit in a level 1 trauma Centre with long pre-hospital times

Type of CT diagnostics done during trauma admissionsNo CT, n = 28SWBCT, n = 73Selective CT, n = 43Total
Intervention within 24 h after the accidentaEmergency interventionNo emergency interventionEmergency interventionNo Emergency interventionEmergency interventionNo emergency intervention 
, n11 (39%)17 (61%)21 (29%)52 (71%)3 (7%)40 (93%)144
Trauma admission CT finding groups
 High injury grade group, (AIS ≥ 2 in ≥2 CT body areas), n15 (71.4%)18 (34.6%)1 (33.3%)3 (7.5%)37
 Moderate injury grade group, (AIS ≥ 2 in one CT body area), n3 (14.3%)20 (38.5%)2 (66.6%)17 (42.5%)42
 Low injury grade group, (no injuries or only AIS 1 injuries in CT body areas), n3 (14.3%)14 (26.9%)0 (0%)20 (50.0%)37
  No findings on TA CT and no intervention in CT examined area, in low injury grade group, n  3 (100.0%)  10 (71.4%)  0 (0%)  13 (65.0%)  26
  1. CT Computer tomography TTA Trauma team activation, TA trauma admission aEmergency intervention group includes patients with emergency interventions as listed in the Norwegian trauma register manual added active external and internal rewarming, the no emergency intervention group include patients with non emergency interventions or no intervention