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Table 1 Members of the Danish interdisciplinary working group

From: New clinical guidelines on the spinal stabilisation of adult trauma patients – consensus and evidence based

Members of the Danish interdisciplinary working group
• Danish Society for Emergency Medicine – DASEM (chairman)
• Danish Neurosurgical Society – DNKS
• Danish Society for Spinal Surgery – DRKS
• Danish Orthopaedic Society - DOS
• Danish Orthopaedic Trauma Society – DOTS
• Danish Society for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine – DASAIM
• Danish Society for Radiology - DRS
• Danish Society for Ambulance- and Paramedicine – DSAP
• ATLS® Denmark
• PHTLS® Denmark
• ITLS® Denmark
• Greater Copenhagen Fire Department – HBR (ambulance services)
• Falck A/S (ambulance services)
• Responce A/S (ambulance services)
• Ambulance Southern Denmark (ambulance services)
• EMS Copenhagen
• EMS Region North Denmark
• EMS Region Central Denmark
• EMS Region Southern Denmark
• EMS Region Sealand