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Table 4 Therapeutic interventions resulting from the arterial blood gas analysis

From: Diagnostic value of prehospital arterial blood gas measurements – a randomised controlled trial

Number of interventions (n = 159) Correction according to ABG
13 PaO2
28 PaCO2
1 Antidote
1 Glucose
26 Correction of Acidosis (metabolic or respiratory)
6 Correction of electrolytes
22 Ventilation
10 Intubation
3 Refraining from intubation
9 Substitution of fluids
5 Upgrade of level of emergency
7 Downgrade of level of emergency
7 Direct admission to treatment facility other than emergency department
3 Sepsis treatment including blood sampling for bacteria culturing
7 Unspecific medications
11 Miscellaneous interventionsa
  1. aMiscellaneous interventions: Carbon monoxide measurement for the purpose of assessing the need for hospital admission, treatment withheld because of moribund patient or medical case history, or treatment withheld because of confirmation of the patient being in their habitual condition