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Table 5 Mission strategy and tactics

From: Structured analysis, evaluation and report of the emergency response to a terrorist attack in Wuerzburg, Germany using a new template of standardised quality indicators

Mission strategy and tactics Data Assesment
Which mission strategy i.e. “Clear up the scene”- was applied? No terror related strategy was applied. A mission strategy for mass casualty incidents was applied. See lessons learned
Which tactical plan of action was chosen?
For example:
Fastest transport to hospitals of the patients with Triage Category T1/RED?
Basically the mission strategy for mass casualty incidents was applied. There was an ongoing threat, so swift evacuation of the patients with triage category I/RED was the most important tactical decision See lessons learned
At what time were tactical consequences drawn? unknown  
Who drew them? Subsection Commander of the “subsection damage” Descriptive
Δ t from arrival of the first rescue services on scene until a tactical plan of action was fully implemented? Unknown  
Coordinated tactical decisions drawn by police, emergency medical services and fire brigade? Yes