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Table 2 Schedule of intervention delivery and data collection

From: Mechanical versus manual chest compressions in the treatment of in-hospital cardiac arrest patients in a non-shockable rhythm: a randomised controlled feasibility trial (COMPRESS-RCT)

Assessment points 1 2 3 4 5 6
Assessment point window Cardiac arrest event 2 days (± 3 days) after assessment 1 Regular in-hospital reviews 30-day (± 2 days) after assessment 1 Hospital discharge† Six-months (± 1 m) after assessment 1
Eligibility assessment      
Cardiac arrest event data     
Patient demographics/past medical history       
Defibrillator record download       
Post-cardiac arrest treatment     
Length of hospital stay       
Survival status
Quality of life (SF-12 and EQ-5D-5 L)     
Assessment of blinding     
Consent to continue‡    
Adverse events  
  1. † − May occur before visit four; ‡ − Seek at first appropriate opportunity
  2. SF-12- 12-item short form survey; EQ-5D-5 L- EuroQOL- 5 dimensions- 5 levels