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Table 3 Items with more or less than 50% compliancea

From: Danish first aid books compliance with the new evidence-based non-resuscitative first aid guidelines

Items with more than 50% compliance Items with less than 50% compliance
Definition of shock as a condition with failing circulation. Passive leg rise for shock victims with no sign of trauma.
Placement in the supine position for victims with shock. Instructions on how to use inhalators or other bronchodilators.
Assist individuals with asthma with inhalators/bronchodilators. Aspirin administration for chest pain.
System for the recognition of stroke. Second dose of adrenaline for anaphylaxis.
Hypoglycaemia treatment. Exertion-related dehydration and rehydration therapy.
Eye injury from chemical exposure. Advised against the use of proximal pressure points to control bleeding.
Direct pressure to control external bleeding. Advising against the elevation of extremities to control bleeding.
Immobilized of fractures in finding position. Tourniquet use.
Dressing an open chest wound only with non-occlusive dressings. Not straightening an angulated long bone fracture.
Manually support the head in position limiting movement.
Placing avulsed teeth should in Milk.
Leaving open chest wound exposed to freely communicate with the external environment.
Contacting a dentist at dental avulsion. Stopping localized bleeding on the chest with direct pressure.
  Spinal motion restriction
Cooling of burns
Avulsed teeth should be placed in; balanced salt solution, propolis, egg white, coconut water, phosphate buffered saline.
  1. a Proportion of questions in the checklist with a “yes” answer rather than the answer “no”