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Table 4 Chart documentation of key elements of the decision-making process for TLD. One patient may have several documented aspects

From: Treatment-limiting decisions in patients with severe traumatic brain injury in a Norwegian regional trauma center

Documented key elements of decision-making process for TDL N=
Prognostic statements 91
Family meetings 89
Advanced directives 0
Notifications of patient preferences regarding withholding or withdrawing of life-sustaining treatment based on communication with family 7
Notification of patient’s preferences regarding organ donation (only asked for in cases progressing towards brain death). Brain death occurred in 26 patients. 24
Multi-disciplinary discussions prior to decision 92
Documented rationale for TLD (treatment-limiting decisions) 100
Request by family to withhold/withdraw when physician recommended continued treatment 2
Request by family for continued treatment when physician recommended to WH/WD 2
Major conflict between treatment team and families regarding WH/WD 0
Involvement of clinical ethics committee (CEC) 0
Involvement of palliative care consult 0