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Table 3 Patients with missed diagnoses at index episode

From: Outpatient treatment of acute poisoning by substances of abuse: a prospective observational cohort study

Patient gender and age Diagnosis at re-presentation Level of care at re-presentation Time from discharge to re-presentation Toxic agents at indexa Treatment, disposition and observation time (hours:minutes) at index
M 38 Increasingly somnolent from same poisoning, probably also long-acting opioid, concomitant compartment syndrome 4 days in medical department 1 h Heroin Naloxone 1.6 mg by ambulance
Discharged to addiction clinic 5:25
M 47 Brought back for same poisoning Outpatient at the OAEOC 1 ½ hours Ethanol Self-discharged 0:45
F 21 Brought back for same poisoning Outpatient at the OAEOC 3 h Ethanol, fluoxetine Self-discharged 1:00
M 14 Increasingly somnolent from same poisoning 2 days in pediatric department 3 h Heroin, benzodiazepines Discharged to Child Welfare Services 2:10
F 40 Psychosis 7 days in psychiatric ward Same day Heroin, amphetamine Discharged, no follow-up 8:15
M 34 Psychosis 4 days in psychiatric ward Same day Heroin Referred to psychiatric outpatient clinic 5:40
F 28 Concussion, sprained ankle Outpatient at the OAEOC Same day Ethanol Discharged, no follow-up 5:55
M 29 Contusions Outpatient at the OAEOC Same day Ethanol, amphetamine Discharged, no follow-up 4:15
M 21 Increasingly somnolent, possibly from same poisoning, if so also with sedatives 1 day in medical department Next dayb Ethanol Discharged to police custody 0:45
M 20 Concussion, contusions Outpatient at the OAEOC Next day Ethanol Discharged to Emergency Social Services 4:10
F 49 Haemorrhagic gastritis 5 days in medical department 2nd day Ethanol Referred to social services 10:35
M 46 Non-dislocated fracture of zygomatic bone Outpatient at the OAEOC 3rd day Ethanol Discharged, no follow-up 6:05
M 44 Fracture of elbow and wrist 5 days in surgical department 4th day Ethanol, cannabis Self-discharged 2:15
  1. OAEOC Oslo Accident and Emergency Outpatient Clinic
  2. aAll were accidental overdoses with substances of abuse
  3. bAt least 18 h later