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Table 1 Time schedule of measurements

From: Randomized controlled trial of multidisciplinary team stress and performance in immersive simulation for management of infant in shock: study protocol

Variables Day prior Before Sim Sim Post Sim Debrief Post debrief H + 2 1 week 1 month
Performance Global performance    X       
IO access    X       
Leadership (BAT)    X       
Teamwork (CTS)    X       
Stress parameters Salivary cortisol X X   X   X    
Holter parameters X X X X X X X   
BP HR X X   X   X    
SOM   X X       
STAI scale X X   X   X    
EIS-R scale         X  
PCLS scale          X
  1. Legend: BAT Behavioral Assessment Tool, BP blood pressure, CTS Clinical Teamwork Scale, EIS-R Impact of Event Scale-Revised, HR heart rate, IO intra-osseous, PCLS Post-traumatic Check-List Scale, SOM Stress-O-Meter, STAI State Trait Anxiety Inventory