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Table 4 Examples of arguments why to select a topic for the research agenda (Delphi II, III)

From: A national research agenda for pre-hospital emergency medical services in the Netherlands: a Delphi-study

Arguments with respect to Non-conveyance
 Non-conveyance occurs frequently;
 There are several (potential) risks related non-conveyance;
 Legal issues and risks for the paramedics involved.
Arguments with respect to ‘Hand over/registration/exchange of patient data’
 A nationwide registration method is currently lacking;
 Patient data are essential to monitor and ensure a good quality treatment in the chain of emergency care (General Practitioner, Ambulance EMS, Helicopter EMS (HEMS) and Emergency Department ED);
 Unstructured handovers are seen as an important risk factor for adverse events and unnecessary delay in the emergency health care process.