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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Load-distributing-band cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest increases regional cerebral oxygenation: a single-center prospective pilot study

Characteristic Total (n=34)
Age, mean±SD, years 75.6±12.8
Sex, n (male/female) 21/13
Bystander/witness status, n  
 No witness 8
 No bystander with witness 10
 Family members 5
 Others 11
Initially documented rhythm at scene of cardiac arrest, n  
 VF/pulseless VT 4
 PEA 15
 Asystole 15
Time from call to hospital arrival, mean±SD, min 31.0±11.4
Intubation by EMS personnel, n 8
Rhythm at rSO2 measurement, n  
 VF/pulseless VT 1
 PEA 12
 Asystole 21
Return of spontaneous circulation, n 13
  1. VF: ventricular fibrillation; VT: ventricular tachycardia; PEA: pulseless electrical activity; EMS: emergency medical services; rSO2: regional cerebral oxygen saturation.