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Table 1 Summary of therapeutic hypothermia; indications, performance, type of evidence and proposed protocols

From: Therapeutic hypothermia for acute brain injuries

Clinical Scenario Efficacy Evidence Protocol
Cardiac arrest (VT or VF) Effective 2 small RCTs and multiple cohort studies Temperature target 32-34°C for 12–24 h [2,3,30,31]
Neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) Effective RCTs Moderate or severe HIE, should be treated within 6 h of delivery to 32–34°C for 72 h, at slow rewarming rate [34,35]
Increased ICP Effective RCTs and cohort studies 32–36°C (tailored according ICP level) [17,64,65,68]
Cardiac arrest (PEA or asystole) Possible Case series Target temperature 32–34°C for 12–24 h [9,10,12,69]
Hypoxic encephalopathy in hanging injury cases Feasible Case series Target temperature 32–34°C > 48 h [70,71]
Ischemic Stroke Feasible Small RCTs, ongoing trials 35°C for awake patients, 32–35°C for ventilated comatose patients [36-39]
Intracerebral hemorrhage Unknown Case series Fever control [48]
Subarachnoid hemorrhage Unknown Case series Fever Control [52]
Traumatic brain injury Unknown RCTs with conflicting research findings, ongoing trials Target temperature 32–34°C for > 48 h [59-63]