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Table 1 Outcomes

From: A tailored e-learning program to improve handover in the chain of emergency care: a pre-test post-test study

Primary outcomes (N1 + N2 + O1) Origin Scoring options
Handover model used Key-guideline recommendation DeMIST/Other
Correct sequence of DeMIST model Key-guideline recommendation Yes/no/Specification of sequence if incorrect
Secondary outcomes (O1)   
Sender of the handover Guideline recommendation Ambulance nurse/ambulance driver
Composition of the receiving team Guideline recommendation ED-physician/ED-nurse/team
Recognizability of the receiver Guideline recommendation Optic/verbal/none
Handover moment Guideline recommendation Before/during/after patient transfer
Verification if handover was clear Guideline recommendation Yes/no
Documentation of handover Literature Whiteboard/DeMIST-form/patient file/different
No. of clarifying questions asked by receiver Literature Actual number
No. of repetitions from sender Literature Actual number
No. of interruptions other than questions or repetitions Literature Actual number