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Table 1 Schedule of enrolment, interventions, and assessments

From: Intestinal fatty acid binding protein as a marker for intra-abdominal pressure-related complications in patients admitted to the intensive care unit; study protocol for a prospective cohort study (I-Fabulous study)

  Study period
  Enrolment* Measurement ** Close-out
TIMEPOINT <T 0 T 0 to T 72 ICU discharge
Eligibility screen X   
Informed Consent X   
Baseline variables X   
Disease-related variables X   
IAP measurement   X  
Blood sample   X  
Urine sample   X  
I-FABP measurement   X  
Claudin-3 measurement   X  
Creatinine measurement   X  
Treatment-related variables   X  
SOFA score   X  
Adverse events   X X
Length of ICU stay   X X
Mortality during ICU stay   X X
Secondary interventions   X X
  1. *Patients are considered eligible as soon as two IAH risk factors are present. This can either be at ICU admission or later on during ICU stay.
  2. **Patients are followed until 72 hours or until discharge from the ICU, whichever comes first. Measurements are performed every six hours.