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Table 3 Types of injuries, treatment and time at ward in the adult group

From: Horse-related trauma in children and adults during a two year period

Injury Operation Admission
Distal humerus fracture. Open reduction + plate fixation + osteosynthesis. Orthopaedic ward 4 days.
Subtrochanteric femoral fracture. Open reposition + fixation nail. Orthopaedic ward 4 days.
Pneumothorax + multiple rib fractures. Chest drain placement. Acute surgical ward 4 days.
Mandibular fracture, superficial oral wound, alveolar process fracture. Open reduction and osteosynthesis of the mandible + five tooth extractions. ENT ward 5 days.
Multiple facial fractures and lacerations. Open reduction, internal fixation and suture of soft tissue injury. ENT ward 5 days.
Multiple rib fractures. Pneumothorax, contusion of thorax. Chest drain placement. ICU 1 day + Acute surgical ward 6 days.
Traumatic hemo-pneumothorax, contusion of thorax, multiple rib fractures. Chest drain placement. Acute surgical ward 7 days.
Traumatic liver rupture. No operation. Acute surgical ward 7 days.
Sacral fracture. No operation. Orthopaedic ward 7 days.
  1. N = 9.