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Table 2 Type of injuries, treatment and time at ward in the children group

From: Horse-related trauma in children and adults during a two year period

Injury Operation Admission
Concussion and wounds. No operation. ICU 2 days + Paediatric Surgical ward 1 day → transfer to primary hospital.
Dislocation of the left sternoclavicular joint. 1. Closed reduction. Paed. Orthopaedic ward 5 days.
2. Open reposition and osteosuture.
Splenic injury. No operation. ICU 2 days + Paed. Surgical ward 8 days.
Traumatic right fronto-temporal contusion + base of skull fracture going from the left mastoid into the inner ear with hematotympanon, discontinuity and dislocation of the ossicular chain. Neurosurgical external ventricular drainage for ICP monitoring and ENT operation of the ear. Neurosurgical ICU 12 days (ventilator for 10 days) + Paed. Surgical ward 2 days. Rehabilitation.
  1. N = 4.