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Table 4 Management of delirium

From: Screening, detection and management of delirium in the emergency department – a pilot study on the feasibility of a new algorithm for use in older emergency department patients: the modified Confusion Assessment Method for the Emergency Department (mCAM-ED)

No. mCAM-ED (Assessment by the ED nurses) Disposition Management
    Delirium documented in problem-list Adequate medication
1 Delirium Admitted Yes Yes
2 Missing Transferreda No No
3 No delirium Admitted No Yes
4 No delirium Admitted Yes Yes
5 Missing Admitted Yes Yes
6 Delirium Transferreda Yes No
7 Missing Dischargeda,b Yes Yes
  1. aIn patients who were transferred or discharged, a screening /assessment was not mandatory for the ED nurses.
  2. bThis patient was discharged home against advice on the family’s request.