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Table 2 Performance of nurses’ informal delirium ratings pre and post-test*

From: Screening, detection and management of delirium in the emergency department – a pilot study on the feasibility of a new algorithm for use in older emergency department patients: the modified Confusion Assessment Method for the Emergency Department (mCAM-ED)

Pre test Post-test
  Gold standard°    Gold standard°  
Nurses’ ratings Delirium No Delirium Total Nurses’ ratings Delirium No delirium Total
Delirium 3 0 3 Delirium 2 7 9
No delirium 8 59 67 No delirium 3 108 111
Total 11 59 70 Total 5 115 120
Sensitivity: 0.27 Sensitivity: 0.40
Specificity: 0.98 Specificity: 0.94
  1. *In the post-test period ED nurses were interviewed to informally rate prevalence of delirium before they conducted a formal mCAM-ED assessment.
  2. °The research assistants’ mCAM-ED ratings, confirmed by the senior emergency physician’s re-assessment served as gold standard.