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Table 5 Operational performance measures; Note: double dashes between factors indicates a time interval

From: Evaluation of emergency department performance – a systematic review on recommended performance and quality-in-care measures

   Alessandrini 2011 Beniuk 2012 Coleman 2010 Ekelund 2011 Guttmann 2006 Graff 2002 Heyworth 2011 Hung 2008 Lindsay 2002 McClelland 2012 Schull 2011 Sibbritt 2006 Solberg 2003 Welch 2011
Planning Acute load              x  
  Bed occupancy rate             x x  
  Boarding burden   x            x  
Utilization Utilization rate (lab equipment) x     x          
  Number of ECG’s taken          x      x
  Number of plain radiographic studies               x
  Number of CT studies               x
  Number of MRI studies               x
  Number of ultrasonic studies               x
  Number of laboratory studies               x
  Overall medication usage               x
  Number of behavioural health consultations               x
  Number of specialty consultations               x
  Utilization rate (employees)          x      
Efficiency Throughput              x  
  ED admission transfer rate   x x           x  
Time intervals LOS (Length of Stay), total   x   x x x x x x x x x x x
  Ambulance off-loading time   x          x    x
  Arrival -- Registration               x
  Arrival -- Treatment space               x
  Arrival -- Clinical assessment x x   x   x x x    x    x
  Arrival -- Hospitalization x   x      x    x   x  
  Arrival -- Init. triage x x           x   
  Arrival -- Init. treatment    x     x    x x    
  Registration -- Init. triage x        x       
  Registration -- Discharge/transfer         x       
  Triage -- Triage completed               x
  Triage -- Init. treatment x        x     x   
  Admit decision -- Discharge              x x
  Treatment space -- init. encounter               x
  Init. encounter -- Init.treatment    x            x
  Init. encounter -- Hospitalization            x    
  Init. encounter -- Clinical decision    x      x       
  Init. encounter -- Discharge/transfer            x    
  Disposition decision -- Discharge               x
  Hospitalization -- Discharge/transfer         x   x x    
(diagnostic imaging) Registration -- X-ray ordered               x
  X-ray ordered -- X-ray taken (radiology turnaround)       x     x    x x
  Data ready -- Disposition decision time               x
(laboratory) Blood sample ordered -- Blood sample result (lab turnaround) x              x
(bed logistics) Bed ordered -- Bed assigned               x