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Table 1 Bronchoscopic criteria used to grade inhalation injury

From: Inhalation injury: epidemiology, pathology, treatment strategies

Grade 0 (No Injury): Absence of carbonaceous deposits, erythema, edema, bronchorrhea, or obstruction.
Grade 1 (Mild Injury): Minor or patchy areas of erythema, carbonaceous deposits in proximal or distal bronchi. [any or combination]
Grade 2 (Moderate Injury): Moderate degree of erythema, carbonaceous deposits, bronchorrhea, with or without compromise of the bronchi.
[any or combination]
Grade 3 (Severe Injury): Severe inflammation with friability, copious carbonaceous deposits, bronchorrhea, bronchial obstruction.
[any or combination]
Grade 4 (Massive Injury): Evidence of mucosal sloughing, necrosis, endoluminal obliteration. [any or combination]
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  2. Reproduced with permission from J Burn Care Res and Endorf, et al.