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Table 1 ROSC and survival

From: Pulseless electrical activity and successful out-of-hospital resuscitation – long-term survival and quality of life: an observational cohort study

Survival status Alive Alive Alive p
<30 days (n= 31) >30 days (n=10) >1 year (n=7)
Mean delay to ROSC (±SD) 23 (±15) min 20 (±8) min 20min (±8) min NS
  1. Mean delays to ROSC (±SD) with PEA patients who survived less than 30 days, over 30 days or over a year after CA. Comparison of delay to ROSC and survival between all groups. ROSC= return of spontaneous circulation, PEA= pulseless electrical activity, CA= cardiac arrest, NS= not significant.