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Table 2 Re-arranged EAP-AIMVS form via Exploratory Factor analysis

From: Development and evaluation of an appraisal form to assess clinical effectiveness of adult invasive mechanical ventilation systems

Item Eigenvalue Factor loading Variance explained by factor
Factor 1:Availability 7.85   35.68
1. Check and evaluate function of ventilator   0.87  
2. Select available types and styles of endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes   0.74  
3. Nursing staff has the necessary knowledge and skills to manage machanical ventilation system   0.84  
4. Various policies and procedures related to mechanical ventilation are available   0.85  
5. Environment is suitable for ventilated patient   0.78  
Factor 2: Dependability 4.43   20.15
6. Ensure that ventilation tubing is not twisted and that it is adequately supported so as not to pull on ETT/trachi   0.72  
7. Check placement of tube by listening for equal bilateral breath sounds   0.82  
8. Ensure that endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube is held securely in position but not too tightly to result in pressure area lesions   0.43  
9. Stabilize the tube while turning or moving the patient   0.46  
10. When possible, elevate head of bed to 30°to45° to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia   0.82  
11. Maintain proper cuff pressure and check if necessary to prevent leakage of air and contaminated secretions   0.81  
12. Suction oropharyngeal and tracheal secretions, more often if necessary to maintain a patent airway   0.83  
13. Oral care at least once a shift and more often if indicated   0.85  
14. Carry out appropriate airway humidification to prevent sticky sputum and keep patient comfortable   0.84  
15. Ventilator circuits are changed weekly or as necessary   0.82  
16. HME filters and end expiratory filters are changed routinely every 24 hours or more frequently if condensation is visible   0.83  
17. Assess patients’ psychological state and help them develop individualized nurse-patient communication method and plan   0.82  
Factor 3: Capability 4.22   19.18
18. Tube displacement   0.82  
19. Unplanned extubation   0.76  
20. Airway obstruction   0.85  
21. Ventilator-associated pneumonia   0.82  
22. Adverse psychological reactions   0.87  
Total EAP-AIMVS    75.01
  1. Results of eigenvalues, factor loadings, and variance explained by exploratory factor analysis with varimax rotation.