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Table 2 Timeline of the EMS response to the Oslo government district bombing.

From: Oslo government district bombing and Utøya island shooting July 22, 2011: The immediate prehospital emergency medical service response

Event Time
Oslo government district bomb detonates 15:25
Oslo EMCC receives first calls from the public regarding the bomb 15:26
First ambulance unit arrives on scene 15:28
First victim arrives on foot at Oslo casualty clinic 15:33
Ambulance Scene Commander declares a major incident 15:33
Civilian bus requisitioned by EMS at the bombsite 15:35
Both OUH-HEMS crews dispatched 15:40
First victim arrives at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål 15:51
Forty-one ambulance units available at casualty-clearing station 2 15:51
Seventh victim arrives at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål 16:10
One OUH-HEMS crew commissioned for SAR and triage in one of the bombed government buildings 16:40
Decommissioning of units from Oslo scene initiated 17:00
  1. EMCC = Emergency Medical Communication Centre, EMS = Emergency Medical Service, OUH-HEMS = Helicopter Emergency Medical Service of Oslo University Hospital, SAR = Search and Rescue