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Table 1 Responders indications for IOI use

From: Current use of intraosseous infusion in Danish emergency departments: a cross-sectional study

Tick box options* N (%)
We never use IOI before anaesthesiologists have tried and failed intravenous access 7 (37%)
Critically ill patients 11 (58%)
Cardiac arrest 7 (37%)
Sepsis shock 8 (42%)
Pulmonary embolism 6 (32%)
Hypovolemic shock 11 (58%)
Other conditions not mentioned above** 5 (26%)
  1. * All options apply when intravenous attempts have failed. It was possible for responders to mark more than one tick box.
  2. **Other conditions mentioned by the responders are: as primary care access to patients with obesity in cardiac arrest, drug addicts, pre-hospital patients, trauma patients and generally in cases with the critically ill patient where an intravenous access cannot be establish within 60 seconds.