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Table 1 American Association for the Surgery of Trauma – Organ Injury Scaling: Lung Injury [27]

From: Surgical management of penetrating pulmonary injuries

Gradea Injury Type Descriptionb
I Contusion Unilateral, < 1 lobe
II Contusion Unilateral, single lobe
  Laceration Simple pneumothorax
III Contusion Unilateral, > 1 lobe
  Laceration Persistent (> 72 hours), air leak from distal airway
  Hematoma Non-expanding intraparenchymal
IV Laceration Major (segmental or lobar) air leak
  Hematoma Expanding intraparenchymal
  Vascular Primary branch intrapulmonary vessel disruption
V Vascular Hilar vessel disruption
VI Vascular Total, uncontained transection of pulmonary hilum
  1. a Advance one grade for multiple injuries up to grade III. Hemothorax is scored under thoracic vascular organ injury scale.
  2. b Based on most accurate assessement at autopsy, operation, or radiological study.