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Table 7 Results for further examination

From: How senior paramedics decide to cease resuscitation in pulseless electrical activity out of hospital cardiac arrest: a mixed methods study

Quantitative result Question
Witnessed cardiac arrest 74% 1. How do witnessed cardiac arrest influence a cessation decision?
Bystander BLS 60% 2. How does bystander resuscitation influence a cessation decision?
Defibrillation 44% 3. How do rhythm changes influence a cessation decision?
Mean end-tidal carbon dioxide value 2.3 kPa 4. What are your views on end-tidal values when ceasing resuscitation?
Mean duration of resuscitation 54 min 5. Is there a duration of resuscitation beyond which you would cease resuscitation?
Multiple factors reported when ceasing resuscitation 6. Which factors influence your resuscitation decisions the most?
Variation in rationales to cease resuscitation 7. Why was there variation in the rationales to cease resuscitation?
SCA involvement in 6% of patients who died at the scene 8. What are your thoughts on SCA support and remote decisions?