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Table 1 Instructions for Self-Extrication

From: The role of cervical collars and verbal instructions in minimising spinal movement during self-extrication following a motor vehicle collision - a biomechanical study using healthy volunteers

Step 1 ‘Do you understand what we are asking you to do?’
Try and keep your head as still as possible.
Stop at any time if you feel pain or strange sensations in your body.
Step 2 Slowly move your right foot and place it on the ground outside the car.
Step 3 Using the steering wheel for support pull yourself forward.
Step 4 Keep your left hand on the steering wheel and place your right hand on the edge of the seat behind you.
Step 5 Turn slowly on your seat to face the outside, your left leg should follow when ready but remain seated.
Step 6 With both feet flat on the floor stand straight up using your arms for balance.
Step 7 Take two steps away from the car.