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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for selection of calls

From: Evaluating a training intervention for improving alignment between emergency medical telephone operators and callers: a pilot study of communication behaviours

Variable Included Excluded
Enquiry Calls to 113 “Calls” from other lines as Ambulance booking, Web booking, Emergency room, lines from Fire, Police, Radio and administrative telephone lines.
Caller The general public (Patient, Relatives, Children under the age of 16, Neighbor, Bystander) Doctor, Health Professionals, Emergency primary health care central, Other EMCC Central, Fire Department, Police, Airline, Paramedics.
Event Somatic disease, Obstetrics/ Maternity Care, Psychiatry / psychosocial, Overdose addict, Intoxication
Traffic accident, Fire, Other type of accident, Violence - exposed to
Violence - self-inflicted, Medical emergency – other, Obvious signs of death, Search and rescue
Preparedness v/dangerous situation
Harassment, Emergency telephone for the Police, Emergency telephone for the fire brigade
Transfer, Homerun, To doctor/outpatient clinic, Other booking
Other inquiry –no need, Hospital internal emergency, Other internal incident, Emergency response moved (tactical displacement of empty ambulance to maintain dispersed emergency response), False message, error ring, Technical error ring