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Table 1 Device presentation and characteristics

From: Large variations of oxygen delivery in self-inflating resuscitation bags used for preoxygenation - a mechanical simulation

Model (model number) Manufacturer Bag volume (mL) Reservoir volume (mL) Valve type Expiratory valve Reusable Other
Silicone Resuscitator
Laerdal 1600 2600 Duck Disc Yes  
The Bag II
Laerdal 1650 2900 Duck Disc No  
Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitator
Ambu 1546 1500 Disc NA Yes  
Spur II
Ambu 1547 2600 Disc NA No  
BVM Resuscitator
Intersurgical 1500 Not stated Duck No No  
Smart Bag MO
o_two 1700 1700 Duck No No Tested with SMART-valve disableda
  1. NA Not applicable
  2. aThe SMART-valve limits the pressure/flow to the patient when providing positive pressure ventilation