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Table 7 Review findings mapped against research priorities for physician-provided pre-hospital critical care

From: Randomised controlled trials in pre-hospital trauma: a systematic mapping review

No. Suggested pre-hospital trauma research areas [9] Evidence identified in mapping review
1 Pre-hospital critical care. Staffing, training and effect
2 Advanced airway management in pre-hospital care
3 Define time window for time-critical interventions  
4 Pre-hospital ultrasound  
5 Dispatch/activation criteria for physician-manned EMS  
6 Integrated information systems  
7 Evaluating quality of care  
8 Patient safety in the pre-hospital setting  
9 Pre-hospital temperature management in critical care patients
10 Monitoring in the pre-hospital setting
11 Fluid resuscitation in shock
12 Efficient and reliable trauma registries  
13 Immobilization techniques  
14 Pre-hospital management of stroke  
15 Where to go with which patient?  
16 Emergency cardiac care in the pre-hospital setting  
17 Management of haemorrhagic shock
18 Interhospital transport  
19 Does further centralization give better outcomes?  
20 Goal-directed therapy studies in pre-hospital critical care  
21 EMS systems - regionalization of emergency care  
22 Validity and impact of pre-hospital assessment  
23 Economic impact of EMS  
24 Pre-hospital analgesia, new perspectives
25 Major incident management: How can it be improved?  
26 Management of severe head injury
27 Pre-hospital recognition and goal-directed therapy of sepsis  
28 Paediatric transport solutions  
29 Implementation of new guidelines and research findings  
30 Effects of pre-hospital care on quality of life  
31 Ethical implications in pre-hospital research  
32 Pre-hospital care as a steering system for acute patients  
33 Lay person interventions before arrival of EMS  
34 Communication and interaction between EMS and hospitals  
35 Evaluation of future needs in pre-hospital care  
36 Pre-hospital thoracotomy