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Table 9 Factors identified as definitive components of major trauma

From: Defining major trauma: a Delphi study

Reductive Coding Table 4 Variables Table 5 Variables Table 7 Variables
Potentially Life Threatening Deranged physiology Life threatening injuries Life threatening injuries
Suspected abdominal injury with haemodynamic instability Physiological changes
Injury causing reduced consciousness  
Need for blood products Major blood loss  
Need for ventilatory support   
Potential need for ICU   Specialist input required
Potentially Life Changing Need for surgical intervention Limb threatening injuries Life changing injuries
Significant injury/polytrauma
Prolonged treatment/rehabilitation
Other Actual injuries   
Clinical experience/skills/perception   
MOI (high and low energy)   
Age (paediatrics and older adults   
Interventions (TXA, Pelvic binding)