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Table 4 Consensus on variables (Delphi round 1)

From: Defining major trauma: a Delphi study

Variable Consensus (> 70%) %
Actual injuriesa Yes 100 (>med)
Only high energy mechanisms should be considered Yes 97.5 (>disagree)
Physiologya Yes 97.44 (>med)
Need for blood productsa Yes 92.3 (>med)
Age (> 65 years) special considerationa Yes 89.75 (>med)
Experienced clinicians are able to identify major trauma patients Yes 89.74 (>agree)
Need for ventilatory supporta Yes 89.47 (>med)
Intoxication makes triage difficult Yes 87.5 (>agree)
Age (paediatric)a Yes 87.18 (>med)
Age has no relevance Yes 85 (>disagree)
Low energy mechanisms should be considered Yes 85 (>Agree)
Elderly require different assessment/management Yes 85 (>agree)
Need for surgical interventiona Yes 84.61 (>med)
Triage tools always identify major trauma Yes 82.5 (>disagree)
Mechanism of injury (MOI)a Yes 82.5 (>med)
Scoring systems are the only way to identify major trauma Yes 76.92 (>disagree)
Paediatrics require different assessment/management Yes 77.5 (>agree)
Identified by clinical assessment (as opposed to mechanism of injury) Yes 77.5 (>agree)
Can only be defined by retrospective scores Yes 75 (>disagree)
Perceived need for Intensive Care Unit admission Yes 75 (>agree)
Triage tools can identify patients who would benefit from MTC care Yes 75 (>agree)
Outcome measures (e.g. injury severity scores)a Yes 71.8 (>med)
Pre-existing frailty should be considered Yes 70 (>agree)
Need for tranexamic acid (TXA)a No 69.22 (>med)
30.77 (Low)
Need for pelvic bindinga No 64.1 (>med)
35.9 (low)
Perceived need for surgical intervention No 62.5 (>agree)
22.5 (neutral)
15 (Disagree)
Major trauma can only be managed at an MTC No 62.5 (>disagree)
15 (neutral)
22.5 (agree)
Need for spinal immobilisationa No 61.54 (low)
38.47 (>med)
Clinicians high index of suspicion can identify major trauma without imaging No 60 (>agree)
15 (neutral)
25 (disagree)
Burns should have a separate protocol No 57.9 (>agree)
26.32 Neutral)
15.79 (disagree)
Previous medical historya No 56.41 (low)
43.59 (med)
Burns should be included in major trauma triage No 55.27 (>agree)
7.89 (Neutral)
36.85 (disagree)
Pre-existing co-morbidity should be considered No 51.28 (>agree)
25.64 (neutral)
23.08 (disagree)
  1. aRefers to multi-variable choice within question 1 (see supplementary material 1)