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Table 1 Reference ranges for standard TEM parameters CT, A10, MCF. Reference ranges are presented for plasma and whole blood. Plasma ranges are derived from an internal control group. Values from an external control group from previous studies are also highlighted for comparison. Whole blood reference ranges are shown for comparison with TEM results of CRF under presence of platelets. The recommended treatment thresholds are presented to provide a clinical context of the obtained TEM results

From: Normalization of blood clotting characteristics using prothrombin complex concentrate, fibrinogen and FXIII in an albumin based fluid: experimental studies in thromboelastometry

Reference ranges Plasma (Internal control)a Plasma (External control)b Whole bloodc Treatment thresholdd
CT (sec) 47–54 53–71 42–74 > 80
A10 (mm) 17–24 n.a. 43–65 <  7
MCF (mm) 18–26 17–35 49–71 <  14
  1. a Values derived from fresh plasma from 33 healthy, non-medicated volunteers. Reference range corresponds to 95% confidence interval
  2. b Values derived from fresh plasma as published by Schörgenhofer et al. [13]
  3. c Values derived from whole blood as published by Lang et al. [14]
  4. d Treatment thresholds for whole blood EXTEM-CT and whole blood FIBTEM-A10/MCF as published by
  5. Schöchl and Schlimp [15]. and Ranucci et al. [16]