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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Medical dispatchers’ perception of the interaction with the caller during emergency calls - a qualitative study

Interview guide*
Frame Main question
Introduction • Thank you for your participation
• Introduction to the project and project aims
• Information about consent etc.
• Demography questions
Aim 1: dispatchers’ role in the access to emergency care • How do you perceive your own role in the citizens’ access to pre-hospital emergency care?
• What is your role in the emergency call handling?
Preparation for aim 2:
- A figure of the pre-hospital patient trajectory is shown
- The emergency call process is drawn by medical dispatchers to set the scene for the interview regarding influencing factors
• The pre-hospital trajectory is shown on a timeline in which the emergency call is the key to emergency care
• The emergency call has its own mini-trajectory (which is central in this project). The emergency call process is drawn by the medical dispatcher and the dissecting of the process is facilitated by interviewers
Aim 2: factors influencing the handling of emergency calls • After dissecting the emergency call process, what challenges do you see, based on your experience, in the different elements in relation to handling the emergency call?
• What facilitates the process?
  1. * The initial interview guide is shown. After each interview and preliminary coding, the interview guide was adjusted in order to cover knowledge gaps