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Table 1 Sonographic pathologies and diagnoses

From: Quality of focused thoracic ultrasound performed by emergency medical technicians and paramedics in a prehospital setting: a feasibility study

Sonographic finding Diagnosis
More than two B-lines in more than two zones Interstitial syndrome (e.g. cardiogenic pulmonary oedema, non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema, viral pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, ect.)
More than two B-lines in two zones or less Focal B-lines (e.g. pneumonia)
Lung point Definite pneumothorax
Absence of lung sliding without recognition of lung point Possible pneumothorax
Hypoeccoic or hypereccoic fluid with or without septation Pleural effusion (simple or complex)
above diaphragm  
Consolidation Larger: Pneumonia or atelectasis (compression or obstruction)
Minor: pneumonia, atelectasis (compression or obstruction), peripheral pulmonary embolisms, malignancy
Thickened or fragmented pleura Thickened pleural (e.g. following pleural inflammation or
empyema, pleural plaques)
  1. The table presents the sonographic pathological findings and how there are interpretated