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Table 2 Linear regression slopes

From: Patient experience of severe acute dyspnoea and relief during treatment in ambulances: a prospective observational study

Vital signsSlope of linear regression line (95% CI)
First measured dyspnoea score and vital signs(Patients with at least one dyspnoea score)
 Respiratory rate0.95(0.86 to 1.05)
 Blood oxygen saturation−0.52(− 0.64 to − 0.39)
 Systolic blood pressure1.3(0.87 to 1.74)
 Diastolic blood pressure0.95(0.66 to 1.24)
 Heart rate1.47(1.13 to 1.81)
Delta dyspnoea score and delta vital signs(Patients with two registered dyspnoea scores)
 Respiratory rate0.45(0.35 to 0.56)
 Blood oxygen saturation−0.37(−0.52 to −0.22)
 Systolic blood pressure1.25(0.83 to 1.67)
 Diastolic blood pressure0.38(0.03 to 0.73)
 Heart rate0.28(−0.02 to 0.59)
  1. The slopes of the linear regression lines for first measured dyspnoea scores and vital signs. Furthermore, for the difference between first and last measurements i.e. delta scores and delta vital signs
  2. 95% CI 95% Confidence Interval