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Table 1 Included patients

From: Patient experience of severe acute dyspnoea and relief during treatment in ambulances: a prospective observational study

 Patients with at least one dyspnoea scorePatients with two dyspnoea scores
Number of patients31992219
Age in years (median, IQR)74 (65 to 81)73 (64 to 81)
Female (percent)5151
Treat and release (number, percent)19 (0.6)17 (0.8)
Repeated user (number, percent)617 (19)391 (18)
Unable to use score (number, percent)673 (21)122 (5)
 Acute medical severity306 (10)76 (3)
 Other reason367 (11)46 (2)
Time between dyspnoea score and vital sign measurement in minutes (median, IQR)2.5 (0.9 to 6.5)2.7 (1.0 to 7.0)
Time to hospital in minutes (median, IQR)a44.9 (32.1 to 57.8)45.0 (32.7 to 57.4)
ICD-10 main chapter (number, percent)
 X Respiratory diseases1769 (55)1270 (57)
 IX Circulatory diseases413 (13)285 (13)
 XVIII Symptoms and signs327 (10)224 (10)
  1. The characteristics of the included patients
  2. IQR interquartile range, ICD-10 International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision [30]
  3. aTime from ambulance arrival at patient to arrival at hospital