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Table 3 Reasons for intubation in patients with alcohol intoxication (n = 68)

From: Intubation in acute alcohol intoxications at the emergency department

Reason, [n (%)]TotalPrehospital intubationIn-hospital Intubation
Traumatic brain injury and GCS < 99(13.2)2(2.9)7(10.3)
Failure to oxygenate/ ventilate with non-invasive methods6(8.8)5(7.5)1(1.5)
Protecting airway (vomiting)6(8.8)2(2.9)4(5.9)
Protecting airway (facial trauma/ blood)5(7.5)2(2.9)3(4.4)
Cardiac arrest/CPR3(4.4)2(2.9)1(1.5)
Surgical procedure3(4.4)1(1.5)2(2.9)
GCS < 9 without additional specific reason being documented24(35.2)5(7.5)19(27.9)