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Table 1 A table to show the exclusion and inclusion criteria for the study protocol

From: Outcomes following resuscitative thoracotomy for abdominal exsanguination, a systematic review

Study designAll original research study designs were be included. Expert opinion and case studies were excluded meaning all except level 5 and 4 evidence will be included as defined by the oxford centre for evidence-based medicine [23]. As only original research was reviewed systematic reviews and literature review was also excludedExpert opinion
Case studies
Literature review
Systematic review
Study specific detailsAfter 1987Non-English language
Study pre-1987
Quality of evidenceWill be evaluated by all included 
Resuscitate thoracotomy pre-theatreProcedure must be performed in the pre-theatre environment (ED or pre hospital)In theatre
Abdominal traumaMust have stated injuries of patients based on either clinical assessment or in hospital / pre-hospital imagingIsolated chest/ pelvis
OutcomesMust state outcomes of patients in terms of survival to destination or discharge. All studies were included if they included either the primary of secondary outcomes aims.No patient outcomes included
ThoracotomyAny thoracotomy (clamshell / left lateral)Non-thoracotomy interventions e.g. REBOA