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Table 1 Search strategy for four databases

From: Comparison of adverse events between video and direct laryngoscopes for tracheal intubations in emergency department and ICU patients–a systematic review and meta-analysis

Database Search Strategy
PubMed (((((((ED[Title/Abstract]) OR critical*[Title/Abstract]) OR urgent[Title/Abstract]) OR ICU[Title/Abstract]) OR emergen*[Title/Abstract])) AND (((((((((((((“King Vision”[Title/Abstract]) OR McGrath[Title/Abstract]) OR Glidescope[Title/Abstract]) OR C-MAC[Title/Abstract]) OR Airtraq[Title/Abstract]) OR “Airway Scope”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Pentax AWS”[Title/Abstract]) OR “TruView PCD”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Storz DCI”[Title/Abstract]) OR BERCI[Title/Abstract]) OR “video laryngoscopy”) OR “video laryngoscope”[Title/Abstract]) OR videolaryngoscop*[Title/Abstract])
Embase (‘videolaryngoscopy’:ab,ti OR ‘videolaryngoscope’:ab,ti OR ‘video laryngoscopy’:ab,ti OR ‘video laryngoscope’:ab,ti OR ‘king vision’:ab,ti OR glidescope:ab,ti OR mcgrath:ab,ti OR ‘c mac’:ab,ti OR airtraq:ab,ti OR ‘airway scope’:ab,ti OR ‘pentax aws’:ab,ti OR truview:ab,ti OR ‘storz dci’:ab,ti OR berci:ab,ti) AND (emergen*:ab,ti,kw OR critical*:ab,kw,ti OR icu:ab,kw,ti OR ed.:ab,ti,kw) AND (‘case report’/de OR ‘clinical article’/de OR ‘clinical trial’/de OR ‘comparative study’/de OR ‘controlled clinical trial’/de OR ‘controlled study’/de OR ‘crossover procedure’/de OR ‘human’/de OR ‘human experiment’/de OR ‘intermethod comparison’/de OR ‘major clinical study’/de OR ‘meta analysis’/de OR ‘multicenter study’/de OR ‘observational study’/de OR ‘prospective study’/de OR ‘randomized controlled trial’/de OR ‘randomized controlled trial (topic)’/de OR ‘retrospective study’/de OR ‘total quality management’/de)
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials ‘videolaryngoscopy or videolaryngoscope or videolaryngoscopic or videolaryngoscopes or “video laryngoscopy” or “video laryngoscope” or “video laryngoscopic” or “video laryngoscopes” or “King Vision” or McGrath or Glidescope or C-MAC OR Airtraq or “Airway Scope” or “Pentax AWS” or “TruView PCD” or “Storz DCI” or BERCI in Title, Abstract, Keywords and emergent or critical or ICU or urgent in Title, Abstract, Keywords’
Web of Science TI = (videolaryngoscop* OR “video laryngoscop*” OR “King Vision” OR Glidescope OR McGrath OR C-MAC OR Airtraq OR “Airway Scope” OR “Pentax AWS” OR “TruView PCD” OR “Storz DCI” OR “BERCI” OR “AP Advance”) AND TS = (urgent or ICU or ED or critical* or emergen*)
Index = SCI-EXPANDED, SSCI, A&HCL, ESCI Timespan = All years