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Table 3 Regional differences with regards to population density, number of hospitals, and surgical capacity

From: Swedish emergency hospital surgical surge capacity to mass casualty incidents

Region (University cities)HospitalsPopulationArea
Population density per km2Surgical teams after 8 hSurgical theatresICU bedsSurgical teams after 8 h per 100 kSurgical theatres per 100 kICU beds per 100 k
West (Gothenburg)92,015,60729,22768.9665671063.223.325.26
East (Stockholm, Uppsala)102,696,56617,844151.121061131133.934.194.19
South (Malmö, Lund)101,944,31533,69157.7170101933.605.194.78
North (Umeå)101,466,824268,9115.456476824.365.185.59
Central (Linköping, Örebro)141,667,75740,17141.529476865.644.565.16
All regions539,791,069389,84425.123994334804.084.424.90
Military field hospital114,600N/AN/A661241.1041.1082.19