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Table 1 Definition of different types of fireworks

From: Injuries, treatment, and impairment caused by different types of fireworks; results of a 10 year multicenter retrospective cohort study

Type of fireworks Definition Examples
Explosive fireworks Fireworks primarily designed to explode and generate a large amount of noise (a bang). It hardly generates a visual effect. Often called firecrackers. M-80’s, black cats, canon crackers, cobra’s
Decorative fireworks Fireworks primarily designed to generate a visual effect, such as colorful flames.  
Rockets A tube-like device, usually attached to a wooden stick, designed to propel itself into the air. Bottle rockets, sky rockets, missiles
Aerials A device designed to shoot flaming balls into the air. Cakes, mortars,
Others Small fireworks, mostly designed to be held in the hand or to be used on the ground. Only generates a flame and does not explode. Sparkles, spinners, fountains
Carbide Calcium carbide is a chemical compound that forms a highly flammable gas in reaction with water. When ignited it will explode. It is a tradition to use carbide to shoot objects from old milk cans.  
Homemade Fireworks that were homemade or existing fireworks that was in any way altered. This type of fireworks was considered as illegal. Pipe bombs