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Table 1 List of abbreviations of ICD-10 diagnoses

From: Non-specific diagnoses are frequent in patients hospitalized after calling 112 and their mortality is high – a register-based Danish cohort study

ICD-10 diagnosis Abbreviation
Other and unspecified convulsions (R568) Unspecified convulsions (R568)
Other ill-defined and unspecified causes of mortality (R99) Causes of mortality, UNS (R99)
Observation for suspected nervous system disorder (Z033) Suspected nervous disease (Z033)
Observation for other suspected cardiovascular diseases (Z035) Suspected cardiovascular disease (Z035)
Observation for other suspected diseases and conditions (Z038) Observation for disease (Z038)
Observation for suspected disease or condition, unspecified (Z039) Unspecified disease (Z039)
Examination and observation following transport accident (Z041) Observation following transport accident (Z041)