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Table 2 NOO-A plus acetaminophen versus morphine: adjusted effect on primary endpoint estimated with estimating equations model

From: Nitrous oxide/oxygen plus acetaminophen versus morphine in ST elevation myocardial infarction: open-label, cluster-randomized, non-inferiority study

ParameterOR (95% CI)P-Value
Nitrous oxide/oxygen plus acetaminophen (vs. morphine)0.32 (0.21–0.49)< 0.0001
Pain score on numeric rating score at baseline (per 1-point increase)0.58 (0.51–0.67)< 0.0001
Age (per 1-year increase)1.02 (1.00–1.03)0.017
Thrombolysis (vs. none)0.96 (0.51–1.79)0.89
Male sex0.83 (0.58–1.18)0.29
  1. NOO-A Nitrous oxide oxygen, CI Confidence interval OR Odds ratio