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Table 2 Prehospital times according to transportation mode

From: Association of helicopter transportation and improved mortality for patients with major trauma in the northern French Alps trauma system: an observational study based on the TRENAU registry

 All patients Median [IQR] N = 9458ground ambulance Median [IQR] BYE000730 N = 5253helicopter Median [IQR] N = 3524P Value
Response time11 [7–19]10 [6–16]13 [8–21]<0.001
Response medical time26 [15–43]23 [15–37]30 [19–51]<0.001
On scene medical time34 [23–50]32 [23–46]35 [22–50]0.001
Transport time20 [14–31]21 [14–32]20 [13–30]0.033
Total prehospital time90 [67–120]85 [63–113]95 [72–124]<0.001
  1. BLS: Basic life Support (Fire department); IQR: inter quartile range
  2. Response time (First call to arrival of the BLS ambulance)
  3. Response medical time (First call to arrival of helicopter or ground ambulance)
  4. On scene medical time (Arrival of helicopter or ground ambulance to departure from the scene)
  5. Transport time (departure from the scene to arrival at hospital)
  6. Total prehospital time (first call to arrival at hospital)