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Table 4 Surgical indication by type of fracture and timeframe from ED visit

From: Radiologic discrepancies in diagnosis of fractures in a Dutch teaching emergency department: a retrospective analysis

Type of fracture<  24 h of ED visit24 h
- 1 week of ED visit
1–6 weeks of ED visit
Greater tuberosity fracture  1
Pediatric supracondylar or transcondylar fracture of the humerus41 
Distal radial Salter-Harris type II fracture1  
Bennett fracture  1
Volar plate injury1  
Acetabular fracture1  
Subcapital femoral neck fracture523
Intertrochanteric fracture1  
Tibial plateau fracture2  
Patellar tendon avulsion fracture1  
Weber C or maisonneuve fracture11 
Lisfranc injury1  
 18/27 (67%)4/27 (15%)5/27 (18%)